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How to Properly Give Notice- 7 Steps to ease your way

You have heard the saying many times; “it’s a small world.” It really is a small world and the way you give notice and leave your current employer could haunt you in the future, if you don’t do it properly. Here are things to consider when you give notice: 1. Give a full two weeks’ […]

Best Practices for Talking Salary

             How to approach the SALARY question when interviewing An important part in any job search is money, of course, but this topic is one where many fear to tread. When should you bring up salary and should you go high or counter for more money?  There is plenty of […]

Interviewing Best Practices to Land the Job!

You have received a call asking for an interview. The job is interesting and you are excited about meeting the hiring company. What can you do to prepare? Interviewing is not rocket science, but nerves can get the better of us because most people don’t have a ton of experience with the interview process, at […]

Become Irreplaceable

  In preparation for a speaking engagement with the Legal Secretaries of Louisville, Talis Group surveyed 100 of our Legal Customers to find out what would make a Legal Secretary or Legal Assistant more valuable in their position. we can’t help but thank these tips apply to ALL jobs! Below are the responses to that […]

New SHRM Certifications-Talis Group recruiter one of first for exam

A Talis Group recruiter among first to receive the new SHRM-Certified Professional (CP) certification! Erin Stevens, Recruiter at Talis Group, (pictured at far right) visited Washington D.C. as part of the Indiana SHRM leadership team during the SHRM Volunteer Leader Summit. The group met with Senator Donnelly (pictured in middle back) as well as Senator […]

Death By Credentials!!

Is it just me or is the trend for credentials, credentials, credentials getting rather crazy? How much is too much?  How often are these ‘credentials’ just a way for an organization or association to make more money annually on renewal fees?  I am a CPA. It used to be a CPA was all that was […]

Even Warren Buffet Needs Resume Advice!

People often believe the only job hunters who need advice on preparing a resume and getting ready for an interview are those new to the workforce. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At Talis Group, we see people looking for jobs at all levels of experience and from all different disciplines. Those with successful […]

10 Ways to be Sensationally Successful at Your New Job!

You just got a shiny new job, at a great company. Congrats! Your first day at a new job can either be the first day of the rest of your life… or the first of a series of endless “Groundhog Day” experiences, where every day feels the same and your new job quickly seems just […]

Robot-Friendly Resumes (so you don’t get eliminated by Applicant Tracking Software)

Source: HireRight.com blog 11/4/13

5 Expert Tips for Following Up After a Job Interview

The big job interview you’ve been prepping for and stressing over for days or weeks is over, and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief — except now comes the hard part: Waiting to hear back. You’re excited about the opportunity, and you want to do everything in your power to present yourself as […]