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Even Warren Buffet Needs Resume Advice!

People often believe the only job hunters who need advice on preparing a resume and getting ready for an interview are those new to the workforce. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At Talis Group, we see people looking for jobs at all levels of experience and from all different disciplines. Those with successful careers and long tenure at companies are usually some of the ones needing advice the most. Why? Because these particular job hunters are so immersed in their current company and culture, they fail to adequately explain their skills and achievements. Many use company and industry lingo that may not be widely known. Some will list only a few highlights of their positions with the perspective that ‘people will know what I did’ or understand the level I have obtained. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If you don’t say it, we don’t know it happened.

How can you ensure your resume really is a winner?

1. View your resume as a marketing piece and not just a history lesson. Ensure the resume is well organized, has adequate spacing, and properly highlights the key aspects of your positions.

2. Include skills and achievements for every position. Don’t assume your title says it all. Lots of companies have similar job titles, but the skills and duties needed to be successful can be quite different.

3. Tailor your resume to the job you want. Encompass details from the job description in your resume. If you have the skill listed, but didn’t originally include it, tweak your resume to include the skill if it seems important.

4. The higher level person you are, the more important it is to list achievements. As you go up the ladder, you are hired to achieve a result. Don’t be shy to list 3-5 top level achievements towards the top of your first page of the resume. Numbers speak volumes!

5. Take a step back from your resume. You have lived your life and you wrote your resume from that intimate knowledge perspective. Try to step back from your resume and your life and see if what you read actually tells the story of your career history. Have someone who hasn’t lived your life look over your resume and ask questions.
A resume it a hugely important first step when looking for your next career move. Recruiters learn your story and are a great mouthpiece for your accomplishments, but all in all, at the end of the day, that piece of paper, that marketing piece is the story board that must be clear and concise to land your the next amazing job!

By Renee Fulton

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