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If you’re a hiring manager, you know how difficult and time consuming the hiring process can be.

Talis Group has a team of dedicated recruiters working with companies to hire the best talent. We spend hours searching job boards, databases, social media, our own internal database and our large network of candidates we have built up over decades in the business.

What makes Talis Group your best hiring partner?

Our recruiters are exceedingly experienced in hiring in your field and industry. You will ‘hear’ their expertise immediately when you discuss the job opening. We work hand in hand with Human Resource Professionals/ Hiring Managers to help them understand market trends, salary requirements and nuances that make difficult hires easier.

Do you know which job boards work best for your hire? Do you know special places to find passive candidates? Do you have a large referral system that will bring in candidates off everyone else’s radar? Do you know how to legally handle employment contingencies (background checks etc)? Talis Group has the knowledge in all these areas to take the headache of hiring off your shoulders!

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Click here to find out what kind of jobs we hire. The more niche the position, the more we like it!

Our recruiting process includes:

  • Developing your Job Description

    We will work with you to understand the requirements and duties of the job. By understanding your company culture and job details, we can improve the chances of finding an excellent fit for your position. Our experienced recruiters can add valuable insight into the hiring process.

  • Searching our proprietary database

    We will review our internal database of candidates matching the skills of your position. We recruit daily and have successfully developed a large pool of diverse candidates.

  • Advertising your Job Opening

    We use multiple National and Regional job boards, databases, social media and a variety of industry appropriate resources to attract talented candidates to your position. We will review the numerous responses to narrow down candidates who match your position.

  • Using our Networking

    We have developed extensive referral sources yielding passive candidates looking for the right opportunity who may not typically respond to job boards. The process yields additional talent for your position.

  • Screening and Interviewing

    We screen every candidate to select those that fit your requirements. We then thoroughly interview those selected to understand their work history, talents, desires and salary requirements to determine a fit for your opening.

  • Reference Checking

    Our skilled recruiters will obtain references for candidates they determine a fit for your position. These references typically include 1-2 former bosses depending on the length of experience and confidential situation of the candidate. References are a very valuable part of this process that allows us to gain insight into the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Skill Testing

    We offer a variety of skills tests, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Typing Speed, Accounting Knowledge, and others that we request the candidate to take based on your position requirements. Please let us know if you require specific skills testing for your position.

  • Presenting the candidate

    Once a match for your job has been determined and the candidates have successfully passed the Talis Group process, we will present the candidates to you including their resume and salary requirements along with access to reference checks and skill testing, if appropriate.

  • Negotiating the Job Offer

    Talis Group can assist you with salary and benefit negotiations to make it a win-win for both parties.

  • Advising on Contingent Job Offers

    We are especially skilled at working through contingent offers such as criminal background checks, drug screens and physical exams. We can advise on how to legally handle these sensitive checks to keep your company safe.