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Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions we receive from job-seekers such as yourself.

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Is there a cost to work with Talis Group?

No. There is no cost to you. We work on behalf of the hiring company to find qualified job seekers for their openings.

Do you just offer temporary work?

No. Talis Group offers permanent (direct hire), temporary and temporary to permanent employment opportunities. See the “Work Options” page for more details.

What is the job placement process?

We work with our clients on a daily basis to help fill their openings. If your skills, interests, salary requirements etc. match the positions we have open, we’ll invite you to go through our screening process, which includes a thorough interview and possibly some skills testing. This information helps us better match you to our client companies. If our client is interested in you, we will proceed to set up an interview at their location.

What do I do after I submit my resume to you?

You can rest assured if your skills, background, salary etc. match the type of positions we are hiring, we will contact you right away. You can check out our website often to search for current openings. Consider reading the Hints & Tips page to learn valuable resume and interviewing tips and tricks.

What is my relationship with Talis Group if I am hired?

If you are hired for a temporary position, you will be an employee of Talis Group and not the client where you are assigned to work. Daily employment related questions can be directed to your Talis Group recruiter.

If you were hired for a permanent/direct hire position with our client, you are an employee of that company and not Talis Group. Talis Group will check in with you and the company that hired you a few times in the first 90 days while you transition to your new employer. Employment issues should be brought to the attention of your employer, which is the hiring company.

Are the jobs listed on your website updated regularly or are they old jobs?

Our website is updated daily with new jobs and changes. The jobs listed are valid jobs still open to applicants. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Do I have to worry you will send my resume out to various employers without my knowledge or input?

No. We will be in constant communication with you and ask your permission before we send your resume to our clients. If you are unemployed, we may agree with you upfront to inform you after your resume is submitted in order to save time in the hiring process. We still prefer to check with you first to ensure you are interested in the position, the pay, the location and hours before we forward your resume, however.

Aren’t all staffing companies the same?

No. Many staffing companies have only been in business a very short time, have no physical location (work out of a person’s home), do not interview you about your work history and career ambitions, do not test your skills and often submit your resume to hiring managers without your consent or knowledge. At Talis Group, we are proud of our staff and maintain high ethical standards. We make you part of the hiring process through our good communication and that in turn helps provide an environment for the best match possible between you and open positions.

Can I search for jobs myself?

Yes. Check out our jobs updated daily on our website. These are active jobs. If you feel your skills match an open position, submit your resume online.