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Talis Group understands the hiring challenges faced by employers.

We are completely dedicated to finding the right candidates and the right hiring situation for your company.

  • Direct Hire/Permanent Recruiting

    Talis Group works on your behalf to recruit candidates for your open position. When you hire one of our referrals, the fee is based on a percentage of starting salary. Our fees are usually much lower than our competitors. The person hired is your employee from day one! This situation is best for mid to upper level employees.

    90 day Fee Guarantee– Should the candidate you selected for hire be terminated for good cause or quit without good cause within 90 days of the start date, Talis Group will refer a suitable replacement at no additional charge.  See us for details. Our job isn’t over until your job is filled!

  • Temporary Staffing

    Do you need a person to help out a busy department or for project work? Talis Group can provide a temporary employee.  The length of the assignment can vary greatly from one day to many weeks.  We pay the person as our employee and handle all the employment and tax requirements.

    Be wary of agencies who say the person can be called a contractor with no employment or tax obligations. Most companies do not understand the contractor rules and put your company at risk for audit and substantial penalties.  The IRS is aggressively pursuing companies who pay employees as contractors.

  • Temporary to Hire Staffing

    In this situation, you may hire a person without a fee who has worked at your company for 520 hours as a Talis Group employee. This arrangement is for lower level clerical and administrative positions. (Ask our recruiters for details of positions that qualify). This solution is a great way to see how a person’s skills translate into your business.

  • Retained Searches

    In this type of search, the company agrees to a discounted fee with Talis Group whereby the fee is guaranteed regardless of whether you cancel the search because you hired on your own, decided not to hire, closed your office, etc. This search is reserved for high level positions and involves extra partnering with Talis Group throughout the process. We assist in Needs Assessments, Job Descriptions as well as detailed presentations of candidates we think would be a good fit for the job.

  • Outplacement Services

    When companies downsize or close departments, their misplaced workers need help to get back into the job market quickly.  Providing your ex-employee with resume and interviewing advice can help with the challenge of finding a new job.  For a small price, you create goodwill with your previous employees.

    Talis Group offers select Outplacement services:

    1. Resume Writing- $500** – After a thorough interview, an experienced recruiter will create a resume highlighting the person’s best skills and talents. Having a good resume in an easy to read format is the fastest way to find a new job. We’ve had great success helping people with their resumes!

    2. Interview Coaching- $500** – After interviewing with us, an experienced recruiter will talk to the person about strengths and weaknesses of the interview. We point out missed opportunities to correlate their experience to the details of the job. We advise on ways to handle difficult discussions about terminations, tenure issues or anything touchy in their work history.

    ** We give a 50% discount to any employee paying for these services themselves without company sponsorship.