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You must be looking for a New Job!

Perhaps you’re searching for a company with new opportunities for growth or perhaps you have experienced a layoff or job loss. Either way, we understand! Talis Group has been around nearly two decades. One thing we hear often is ‘Thank You’ from our job candidates. While we can’t find everyone a job with our fantastic clients, we treat each job seeker with respect. We work very hard to respond to emails and phone calls so you know you are being heard.

What’s it like working with a Staffing Company?

Our client companies pay us a fee (Not You) if we find someone they choose to hire. Therefore, we are more willing to talk to job seekers and ask questions about skills and abilities. We tend to dig harder into your resume and spend more time reviewing skills, strengths and abilities.

We often hire for those difficult niche positions and odd combination of abilities. We know the personality of our clients, and now we need to get to know you and what you bring to the table.

Not all staffing companies are the same. We tend to recruit for many direct hire/ permanent mid to upper level positions. These are situations where the client company uses us for our recruiting ability and looks to hire someone directly for their company. We also have a nice business of temporary administrative and clerical work which is an excellent way to be hired into a position or earn extra money while searching for a job.

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How do you get started with Talis Group?

It’s as easy as 1…2…3
  • Check Out Our Job Openings

    Check out our jobs listed on this website and see if there are openings close to the types of skills and experience you have. These jobs are all real, active and up-to-date. If you see a job that closely matches your skills, upload your resume. If we think your skills match the position, we may call you in for an interview at our offices.

  • Interview With Us

    If your skills match the job we are hiring for our clients, we may call you into our offices for an interview lasting 30- 60 minutes and may include testing of your skills. We have skill-check software to test basic software skills and other skills such as accounting, secretarial, typing etc. Our goal is to understand the type of work and work environment you desire. We strive to understand your skills, interests and goals. We look for win-win situations where your needs and desires match the needs and desires of our clients.

    Possibly Interview with our Client: If after our interview and testing, we still think you are a possible fit for the job opening, we will send your resume to our client. If our client finds your skills a good match, we may be calling to set up an interview with our client at their offices.

  • Continue the relationship with Talis Group

    If after speaking with you, we do not believe you are a fit for the specific job opening, we will maintain your registration and resume in our internal database system and contact you for future openings matching your skills and experiences. We develop relationships with many of our candidates that last for years.


We recruit for many high level positions and know the importance of confidentiality. If you are currently employed, we will not send your resume to our clients for review until we speak with you about the specific opportunity (unless you agreed ahead of time). We are diligent with reference checking, but will work with you on acceptable timing if you are concerned.

To protect your current employment situation, we highly recommend no one gives notice until all job offer contingencies are complete and acceptable to the hiring company. Job Offer contingencies are usually criminal background checks, drug screens and can even include physicals. Do not jeopardize your current employment position until the testing results are back and acceptable to the hiring company.