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Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions we receive from employers such as yourself.

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If I want to hire a person through Talis Group do I have to sign a contract?

No, not unless you decide to hire via a Retained Search. Most of our recruiting work is done on a Contingency Search basis. A Contingency Search means you owe us nothing until you decide to hire a candidate we referred. There is no contract for a contingency search. If, however, you decide to have a Retained Search, we have a short one-page agreement describing how the discounted fee is guaranteed to us regardless of whether you cancel the search because you hired on your own, decided not to hire, closed your office, etc.

If I come to you for a temporary employee, am I responsible for employment taxes, unemployment and workers compensation?

No. If you contact Talis Group for a temporary, the employee will be an employee of ours. Talis Group will handle all employment issues and taxes and will bill your company as would any other vendor for a set amount per hour. Be wary of agencies who say the person can be called a contractor with no employment or tax obligations. Most companies do not understand the contractor rules and put your company at risk  for audit and substantial penalties.

What has Talis Group done BEFORE resumes are forwarded to me for open positions?

Talis Group will have already interviewed the person, skill tested (if appropriate), matched the skills to your position and usually referenced checked the candidate BEFORE the resume is sent to you. (Sometimes due to confidentiality, we must check the references later in the process.) We do not waste your time by referring candidates that may not be interested in your position, lack the necessary skills or have poor references. This is the true value of what we do. Candidates submitted to you are THOROUGHLY PREQUALIFIED, saving you time and effort.

Aren’t all staffing companies the same?

No. Many staffing companies have only been in business a very short time, have no physical location and don’t interview the applicants let alone provide reference checks until you express interest in a resume. Many staffing companies haven’t even discussed the position with the candidates submitted. This wastes YOUR time. You will know your staffing company is doing this when you constantly learn the candidates you are interested in are suddenly unavailable. You will know your staffing company is not reference checking when they can’t tell you anything about the reference. You will know your staffing company has not interviewed when they can’t tell you in detail about the candidate’s experiences, career ambitions or skill sets. What sets Talis Group apart? We do what we SAY we will do.

What sets Talis Group apart?

Our name means Integrity and we mean it! We work diligently on your behalf screening and qualifying candidates for your open position. We offer advice on hiring in your niche area and have true experts in the field doing the recruiting. Our employees have long tenure with Talis Group and specialize in certain areas of recruitment. We have two decades in the business and have loyal clients with years and years of repeat business. Refer to the “Testimonials” page please.

How do Criminal Background Checks Work?

For Permanent / Direct hire recruitment, we can provide the checks or allow your company to provide through its normal channels. We can offer advice on how to proceed with adverse results to keep you in compliance with complex laws and new EEOC guidance.

For temporary employees, we provide a metro Louisville, KY criminal background check ourselves. We can also provide for a small cost, a thorough background check for all counties lived in last 7 years by checking with the courthouses. We also can offer the much less reliable electronic database check. Depending on the position hired, we can advise on what is prudent. We are very informed in this area and work hard to do background checking properly and keep your company out of risk. Refer to the “Resources” Page and click on the Criminal Background Check article for some basic information on the topic.