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Work Options

After two decades of helping people find the jobs they want, we have learned the value of different workforce options.

Some people like the stability of a regular, full time position while others prefer the
diversity and flexibility of short term temporary assignments.

Talis Group works from the very beginning of our relationship to correspond your skills and unique desires with that of our clients to find matches that work. We go beyond just a cursory review of your resume and dig into the details of each position you’ve held and the skills you have developed. We use our knowledge of your skills and ambitions to find the right job opportunities for you to explore.

  • Direct Hire/ Permanent Jobs

    Talis Group works on behalf of our paying clients to recruit candidates such as yourself to their open positions.  (There is no cost to you.)  We talk through your resume, ask questions about skills and abilities and listen to your ambitions. If we think you may fit a position we are hiring, we will tell you about the position and the hiring company.  We look for the best potential for a successful match!  If hired, you will be an employee of the hiring company on your first day of employment just like most  other positions in your work history.

  • Temporary Jobs – Like variety and flexibility?

    If you like to work at different companies in different capacities, temping might be an option for you.  Talis Group hires you as an employee and places you on a temporary assignment with one of our clients.  After the assignment ends, we keep you in mind for new opportunities and speak with you about those work options.  Temping allows you to have a flexible schedule and work an assignment when it suits you.  Temping is also a good way to earn money while you are continuing your job search.  Talis Group will also talk to you about opportunities of a more permanent nature that match your skills.

  • Temporary to Permanent Jobs – Give a company a ‘test drive”!

    Want an opportunity to work at a company and see if the culture and work matches your skills and needs?  Temporary to Permanent staffing gives you an opportunity to work at a company for a test drive to see if it is a good fit for both you and the company.  The client company will decide if you should become a permanent employee and with the knowledge of the company and job you learned during the trial period, you improve your chances of making the right choice.

Need other Assistance in your Job Search?

Resume Writing- $500*

After a thorough interview, an experienced recruiter will create a resume highlighting your best skills and talents. Having a good resume in an easy to read format is the fastest way to find a new job. We’ve had great success helping people with their resumes!

Interview Coaching- $500*

After interviewing with us, an experienced recruiter will talk to you about strengths and weaknesses of the interview. We point out missed opportunities to correlate your experience to the details of the job. We advise on ways to handle difficult discussions about terminations, tenure issues or anything touchy in your work history.

* We give a 50% discount to any employee paying for these services themselves without company sponsorship.