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How to Remove your Resume from Job Boards:

Stop all the emails and calls from Employers who think you are still in the job market by removing your resume visibility to employers! Below are some quick steps, but things change quickly. Check for yourself to ensure you are following the most up to date removal steps with each Job Board.

Also, removing your resume or making it not visible to employers does not necessarily stop all the emails. You may need to click Unsubscribe on those emails.


  1. Login to your Indeed account and click Profile icon
  2. Click “Profile” from the drop-down menu
  3. Click on your Indeed Resume
  4. Click on 3 Dot Menu (upper right) and Choose “Privacy Visibility” to make Not searchable

(OR choose “Delete your resume”)

  • Select “Not Searchable on Indeed and Save


  1. Click on the “Me” menu in upper right hand corner of login screen
  2. Click “My Profile” from the drop-down menu
  3. Toggle the button under “Let Employers Find You” OFF (white means opted- out)


It seems the only way you can ensure employers don’t see your resume is to delete your account. There seems to be an opt-out option for the database if you complete a form; howe

  1. Login to your Account and Click on Settings
  2. Click on Delete Account