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12 Resume Tips to Start the Job Search Off Right!

Here are 12 Resume Tips to start the New Year job search off on the right foot.  Please “Join our Talent Network” at https://www.jobs.net/jobs/talisgroup/en-us/ to receive Job Alerts that match your interests.

Tip #1:  Be clear when you list your duties and skills on the resume.  Assume we don’t know your lingo and internal company shortcut abbreviations. Spell out your duties in general terms that would apply to every company. Help us see that your match to my open position!

Tip #2: Make sure the email address on your resume is checked often and the spam filter set to low.  Sometimes we have trouble reaching people and they don’t respond for a full week.  Make sure the address is clear, checked often and responded to quickly! Stay away from email addresses using underscores as they are hard to see and “1”s or “L”s. Sometimes the L’s and 1’s looks like an “I”.

Tip #3:  Make sure to use standard FONT choices for your resume.  Time New Roman or Arial are two classic examples. Keep is clean and simple and professional.

Tip #4: If you use an Objective Statement on your resume, ensure it is broad enough to include the specific job you are applying to or tailor the statement. Objective Statements that show your interest in a position that is clearly not the one at hand leaves the Recruiter questioning your level of interest.

Tip #5: Attach Cover Letters if required, but don’t assume everyone reads them. Something important in the Cover Letter should also be included on the resume. Ex. You live in Florida, but moving to Louisville and you mention this in the Cover Letter.  Make sure to also list on your resume (moving to Louisville Jan. 2018).

Tip #6:  Your work history should be in reverse chronological order meaning put your most recent/ current position first followed by the next most recent etc.

Tip #7: List your education clearly on the resume. If you are ‘attending’ and haven’t yet graduated, be clear and honest.  You should list school name, degree and year (optional). If you are in the process of earning a degree, you can list the expected graduation date so the reviewer easily knows you have not yet obtained the degree.

Tip #8: Put a one- line brief description under each company you worked for in your work history.  “Manufacturing Co. with 3 plants and sales of $200 million.” This helps recruiters know industry and complexity quickly.  If you work in Human Resources, number of employees is important, union or not etc. If you are an Engineer, show type of processes in your plant.

Tip #9: Here’s an easy one.  The first page is prime real estate on your resume so don’t waste space with “References Available upon Request.”  The extra line may be more useful to show skills etc.

Tip #10: Ensure there are no typos, misspellings or grammar mistakes in your resume. This should be your best work product! When you submit a resume with errors, you are telling hiring managers you don’t care about your work product.

Tip #11: A resume should usually be 1-2 pages long.  Don’t squeeze a two- page resume into one page making it hard to read. Also, don’t stretch a two- page resume into 3 or 4.  Very few people will have a 3- page resume and that should be only after a long career with several varied positions.

Tip #12-Your resume should sell you! Make sure to highlight ALL skills, industries, experiences etc. List any time you have managed people, departments etc. Clearly show promotions or even promoted duties on the same job. Show the reader you are a good long -term bet for their company!

If you incorporate these tips into the creation of your resume, you will catch the eye of a recruiter and just might get an interview. Best of luck in 2018!


Renee Fulton, CPA, CGMA

Talis Group, Inc.