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Become Irreplaceable


In preparation for a speaking engagement with the Legal Secretaries of Louisville, Talis Group surveyed 100 of our Legal Customers to find out what would make a Legal Secretary or Legal Assistant more valuable in their position. we can’t help but thank these tips apply to ALL jobs! Below are the responses to that survey. Thanks to all who participated.

* Be at work every day (you can’t be valued if you aren’t there)
* Be 10 minutes early & stay late if needed
* Leave cheat sheets on your desk to assist when you are out
* Take Ownership and pride in your work
* Produce error-free work product
* Follow-up and follow-through on you work
* Keep your promises
* Work with a purpose and sense of urgency

* Pitch in and help others when they need it
* If you aren’t busy, personally ask if there is anything you can help with, don’t just email the question
“its not my job” is not the right attitude for the team
* Don’t waste energy being negative about you co-workers, work together

* Make sure you understand the task at hand fully, and if not, ask.
* Ask your boss what common things may take up his time and offer to assist if possible to make him more productive
* Anticipate what your boss may need or ask and do it without being asked

* Defend the company’s name when others spread rumors
* Plan on spending you career there, don’t keep looking at every other job opp
* Take your resume off the job boards
* Never say “We did it this way at _____”; however always be willing to speak up with a helpful suggestion.

* Never stop learning
* Be aggressive and eager to learn new skills, software, job duties, etc.
* Get certified
* Learn skills that aren’t currently in your role but may be something you can offer to add to your job duties
* Offer to help others learn something you have mastered
* Become more efficient to take on more tasks

* Keep a sense of humor
* Don’t bring drama or personal problems into the work place
* Love what you do!
* Encourage and build others up
* Be professional at all times
* Quickly adapt to changing conditions
* Don’t let stress effect your attitude or work

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