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How Paying for Professional Recruiting Services Can Save $$$

Recruiting is often a full- time job demanding your full attention above other tasks.  Now more than ever recruiting can’t wait until tomorrow or even a few hours.  Job Seekers have lots of opportunities and honestly your position is not better or worse than the others they see…..unless you make yourself stand out from the crowd. Standing out from the crowd takes work….and time.

Here are a few ways working with a Recruiting firm can save you money:

Saves Time:

When you work with a recruiting firm, we take the headache off your hiring shoulders by doing all the groundwork and providing a few select, pre-interviewed candidates that fit the job.  We work with you to schedule those interviews and adjust our recruiting along the way to “hit the nail on the head” with the candidates we refer.


While you are expert in all things Human Resources, maybe Recruiting is the least honed skill in your arsenal of strengths.  A Recruiting firm should have very experienced EXPERTS in recruiting. All day every day, recruiters identify top talent and grab their interest in the job in ways likely you won’t have since you have other tasks to handle.  Calling and emailing candidates is not enough these days, and the reaching out alone takes a lot of effort.

Background Checking:

Are you up to date on what companies are currently doing in this area?  Should you check a reference or is that an old- fashioned approach? Should you spend effort on criminal background checking since there is a risk in this area if not done properly?  What should you consider on results of a criminal background check?  What about drug testing in light of current laws and changing attitudes?

A professional Recruiting firm should have a very solid understanding of this area and ease your way through the process.

Replacement Guarantee:

Often top Recruiting firms have some sort of replacement guarantee so if the hire that looked perfect at first quickly turns out not be, recruiting will begin again for the position at no additional cost.  Even though this is a not a good situation, hiring on your own would take loads more time you likely can’t afford to spend.

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Renee Fulton is President of Talis Group, Inc., a boutique Staffing & Executive Recruiting Firm that’s been around since 1995.  We recruit for our clients in the areas of Accounting, Administrative & Clerical, Human Resources, Engineering, Legal and Manufacturing Management such as Plant Managers.  We are a Female Business Enterprise. 

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