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You lost me at “Your Hired!”

You Lost me at “Your Hired”!

I was reading a comment on LinkedIn from a job applicant scared away from a company because the job offer was made during the interview and an answer was expected on the spot. Did you know the lack of a formal offer or too little information, can lead the job applicant to turn the position down in a tight market? A recent article published in the Harvard Business Review stated that “successfully competing for top talent involves selling the job to the best candidates”.  How many of us would buy a car without driving it?

I’ve seen many offers that only included the salary and start date, leaving out critical information like benefits, bonus structure, etc.  According to a recent study by Linkedin.com, better compensation and benefits is the number one reason passive job seekers say they are looking for a new job. For active job seekers, compensation and benefits is the number two reason.  You’ve worked so hard to get solid benefits for your employees, why would you forget to talk about that part of the compensation package during the offer?

Here are some things you should include in your offer letter that will help sell the job:

  •          Welcome from the Hiring Manager
  •          Job Title
  •          Starting Salary and Pay Frequency
  •          Expected Start Date
  •          Contingencies Required (criminal background check, drug screen, etc.)
  •          All Company Benefits (including expected out-of-pocket insurance costs)
  •          Vacation and PTO time
  •          Bonus Structure, if applicable
  •          Commission Structure (commission expected the first year is helpful)
  •          Job Applicant Acceptance Signature Line
  •          At-Will Employment Language
  •          Non-Compete / Non-Solicitation Agreement, if applicable

Don’t let great job applicants slip through your fingers after so much hard work getting them to the offer stage.  Make sure you remind them about your work culture and benefits.  Tell them about their potential career path and leave no doubt that you want them to join your team!

Susan Foster Woods, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Director of Recruitment, Talis Group, Inc.

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